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Lungo “Café Crème Blend

It is the perfect blend of Arabica and Robusta quality, which are 50% equal in the blend. The sweet but not too sweet taste is full and round.

One box contains 100 coffee capsules (Nespresso machine compatible).

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Free Shipping on orders over CHF 50.00
Order Now and receive your package in 48h.
Customer Service 24/7 to guarantee the best service to our customers.

Don't you understand what the parameters in the coffee tables indicate?

In this section we will explain to you in a clear and precise manner the parameters that characterize the various types of coffee.

Starting with the intensity of a coffee, this depends on the consistency of the body and the aromatic richness of the drink.

Already from this definition you can understand 2 concepts:

The fact that 2 variables must be considered: body and aroma;
Consequently, in this sense, it is a suitable method to define only espresso coffees, as they are the only ones with a greater body.
For example, filter coffee or mocha coffee have significantly less body. The latter will be assessed for other characteristics of their own which we will evaluate in future articles.

At this point we will also clarify the concepts of body and aromatic intensity:

Body of coffee: using the human sense of touch, assessing the texture and texture of the liquid. For example, hot chocolate has a lot of body, oil has a medium consistency and water has no body;

Aroma intensity: this is the amount of aromas that are perceived by the sense of smell after bringing a cup of coffee to the nose. It should be noted that I have only focused on the 'quantity' of aromas contained, not the quality, which we will talk about shortly.

Generally we use a scale ranging from 1 (coffee with little aroma and almost no body) to 10 (coffee with a very consistent body and high aromatic charge):

Intensity 1 to 4: coffees with a light body and delicate aromas;
Intensity 5 to 7: balanced coffees with a round body and rich flavors;
Intensity 8 to 10: coffees with a consistent body and rich aromas.

Finally, as far as sweetness is concerned, it obviously depends on the amount of sugar in the blend.


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Our capsules are hermetically sealed for optimal conservation of coffee aromas. Two dates are indicated on each sleeve: the production date and the date of consumption. We ensure the freshness consumption up to 12 months after the date of production. The best before date is however not the expiration date as the coffee is not a perishable product. This date is recommended for obtaining the best results in a cup.

None of the Caffè Milano coffee varieties contain allergens such as gluten, lactose or nuts. They all contain 100% coffee and are hermetically sealed to prevent exposure to air and moisture.

References to terms such as malt, milk or cocoa refer to the aromatic profile of the coffee, which is naturally found in the coffee bean, and not to the physical elements contained in the capsule.

Flavourings take the form of a very fine powder (encapsulated flavourings). They are added to the coffee after grinding. Flavourings are created using groups of natural flavouring substances. These substances do not come from named ingredients and have a natural origin, such as plants or flowers. The flavouring substances do not contain any food allergens.